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The MEDIATEC conference looks at new developments in multimedia technology. Step by step, multimedia computing becomes more common and more popular. CD-ROM technology, videoconferencing, and real-time 3-D animation have become widely available for standard hardware platforms. The type of papers we are looking for try to give a theoretical foundation to developments in multimedia hardware and software, if possible comparing different alternatives so that empirical results can form a basis for new standards and choice among alternatives.


MEDIATEC Track Chair:

Istvan Molnar
Budapest University of Economic Sciences
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Dept.of Computer Science
Kinizci U. 1-7, H-1092, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36.1218.4665, Fax: +36.1218.4665



Multimedia Techniques and Telecommunications
  • Real Time Interactive Systems
  • Hardware for multimedia storage
  • Hardware and networks for multimedia transmission
  • CD-Interactive Systems and Online CD ROM Technology
  • Removable Storage Technology
  • Multimedia Sensors (RF Tags)
  • Intelligent Analysis and Interpretation of Multimedia Data
Program Chair:
Krzysztof Amborski
Telekomunikacja Polska SA
Ul.Nowogrodzka 47A, PL-00-686, Warsaw, Poland
Tel. +48 22 699-1790 or +48 22 660-7438
Fax +48 22 625-6633 or +48 22 827-4477
Multimedia Authoring Tools and Software
  • Presentation Tools
    • Presentation Software
  • Animation
    • Animation Tools
    • 3D Authoring Tools, 3D graphics, 3D Accelerators and Motion Capture
  • Video Editing
    • Video Imaging and Editing on PC
    • Quicktime and AVI Tools
    • PC-Video Editing Tools
    • Video Compression Techniques
    • Video Accelerators
    • Non Linear Video Editing Systems
    • Digital Video
    • MPEG Encoding and Decoding
    • Image Compression
    • Colour Palette Strategies
  • Audio Editing
    • Digital Audio Software
    • CD Recording Software
    • Voice Recognition Systems
Program Chair:
Claude Comair
DigiPen Corp
5th Floor-530 Hornby Street
Vancouver B.C. Canada V6C 2E7
Tel: +1.604.682.0300, Fax: +1.604.682.0310
Multimedia Building Blocks
  • Multimedia Databases
  • Toolboxes for Moving Graphics
  • Productivity Tools
Program Chair:
Fernand Broeckx
Genserv CV / University of Antwerp (RUCA)
Deken de Winterstraat nr 2, B-2600 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32.3.449.9347, Fax: +

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