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European Office

The European Council for Modelling and Simulation implements all practical aspects of the organisation of conferences through volunteers and various professional officers empowered by the Council. The generic e-mail contact with the ECMS Office is


All fee-paying participants of ECMS conferences benefit from a reduced fee(for members)  for the next 2 subsequent conferences.


ECMS does not deal with questions concerning SCS Intern. membership, the journal "Simulation"  and/or other activities in the United States . To answer such questions please contact the SCS Office in San Diego , USA .

SCS International Office



European Council Board

The Board of the European Council for Modelling and Simulation is constituted from General Conference Chairs and General Programme Chairs of the current conference, two future conferences and one past conference. The Board also includes the immediate past President, our Historian, our IT-Coordinator and the immediate past Treasurer. President is elected from among the Board members for a period of 2 years and can serve for a combined maximum of two consecutive terms.
The above constitution of the Board ensures that there is a continuous influx of new Board members and that the organisers of future conferences have full executive powers over the activities of the Council.
The Council always welcomes suggestions for new conference venues.

The current Board is composed as follows:




Lars Nolle DE

of European Council for Modelling and Simulation - elected 2018
Past Vice-President


Zuzana Kominková Oplatková


Vice-President of European Council for Modelling and Simulation - elected 2018

Khalid Al-Begain


Past President
(2006-2010) (2014-2018)

Evtim Peytchev


Past President (2012-2014)
Treasurer (2015- today

Andrzej Bargiela


Founder of ECMS in 2005
Past President (2002-2004ESM, 2004-2006ECMS, 2010-2012ECMS)

Eugčne Kerckhoffs

Delft, NL

Founder of ESC (European Simulation Council, predecessor of ECMS) in 1990
Past President (1990-1997) Historian

Christoph Tholen DE IT-Coordinator since 2019
Conference Co-Chair ECMS2018
Mike Steglich DE

Conference Chair ECMS2020

Christian Müller DE Conference Co-Chair ECMS2020
Kata Váradi HU

Conference Co-Chair ECMS2017

Peter Zwierczyk HU

Programme Co-Chair ECMS2017

Jens Werner DE Programme Chair ECMS2018
Mauro Iacono IT

Conference Chair ECMS2019

Marco Gribaudo IT Programme Chair ECMS2019



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