The Council organizes conferences and manages publications, including the regular yearly series Communications of ECMS. All practical aspects of the organisation of conferences and management of publications, as well as the maintenance of the ECMS Digital Library are implemented by the Council through volunteers, the Board and the executive office.

The flagship event of the Council is the ECMS International Conference on Modelling and Simulation, that is ranked B in CORE ranking. In the past years, the Council used to organize two other events, the European Modelling and Simulation Symposium and the Agent-Based Simulation Conference. Moreover, the Council also co-sponsors events and promotes
co-location of other events with its conferences, to promote cross-fertilization and let different research communities meet and interact.

Past editions of the ECMS International conference on Modelling and Simulation

Past editions of the European Modelling and Simulation Symposium

Past editions of the Agent-Based Simulation Conference

Other past co-sponsored events

All papers submitted to call for papers of ECMS events are subject to peer review, and during any of these events the Council celebrates a best paper award.

List of best paper award prizes

The Council, through its volunteers, also edits volumes on research activities and special issues on scientific journals published by the main publishers, such as the volume “Seminal contributions to Modelling and Simulation”, celebrating its 30 years of activities.