The European Council for Modelling and Simulation is a non profit scientific society that aims to foster multidisciplinary research and collaborations in modelling, simulation, systems evaluation. The Council is based in Europe but its scope extends to researchers and practitioners from all over the world.

The mission of the Council includes the organization of in-presence and on-line conferences, workshops, courses and tutorials, and the publication of books, digital resources, CD-Rom editions, and conference proceedings.

We promote networking, research exchanges, cross-fertilization of different areas of modelling and simulation, matching between methodology and application, new perspectives on modelling and simulation, doctoral activities, industrial meetings and applications, consortia establishment for projects, mentoring. This is also done in collaboration with other scientific societies, institutions, universities, research centers, and companies.

The Council encourages its members to play active role in defining European research and development priorities in modelling and simulation through participation in ECMS conferences, contribution to community initiatives in modelling and simulation and a willingness to serve the ECMS members if elected to the Board.

We believe in a friendly and spontaneous environment which facilitates exchanges between different generations of simulationists and community building. Our events are required to have affordable fees, easy social events, students inclusion and informal discussion sessions. Different generations of members collaborate to implement this vision and support conference organizers at best. All conference and track organizers are granted large autonomy and full respect of their decisions in the general framework of our events.

No position in ECMS is economically rewarded or refunded, with the exclusion of the executive officer. All funds come from conference fees, sponsorships and collaborations and are used for the organization of activities and to cover publication, indexing and logistic costs.

The Board of ECMS