20TH EUROPEAN Conference
on Modelling and Simulation

ECMS 2006
(formerly referred to as 'SCS-ESM')

May 28th - 31st, 2006
Bonn, Germany


The conference will be held at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Sankt Augustin.

The University is located in the metropolitan area that encompasses the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Sankt Augustin, and Siegburg at, or close to the Rhine river. It is situated about 10 kilometres to the east from the city centre of Bonn and about 28 kilometres to the south from the city of Cologne (map).

Please make use of the Map24-Service at the bottom of the page in order to calculate individual routes or routes to the conference location. You can also search any other location, for example the listed hotels on the "Hotel Information" site by copy and paste the address into the fields.

The city of Sankt Augustin (maps of trams and busses within this area you may find further down on this page)
can be conveniently reached by airplane, railway, or via motorway.

Arriving by plane

There are three airports: Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf depending on the airline participants have chosen.

Please note that the airport Cologne/Bonn is a destination of a number of low cost carriers, e.g., Germanwings, hlx, Air Berlin, www.flydba.com, www.easyjet.com, www.airbaltic.com.
Those participants arriving at the airport Cologne/Bonn please proceed to terminal 2 (Terminal Guide, PDF 146KB) and take the elevator down to the railway station. Before embarking the commuter train S 13, please get a ticket from a ticket machine near the escalator down to the rails. Get off the train S 13 at the stop Troisdorf/Spich and wait on the same platform for commuter train S 12. Disembark at the station Siegburg. Take the stairs down to the number 66 tram. Get off the tram at the stop Sankt Augustin Markt. To reach the opposite platform please use the bridge, take your way across the town hall square towards another bridge on the right. The bridge crosses a street alongside the red building of the post office. When this building is on your left side, follow the street until you reach a roundabout. There, turn to the left and you will see the buildings of the University in front of you.

Participants who arrive at the airport Cologne/Bonn, who have made a reservation in a hotel in Bonn and who wish to go to their hotel before registration at the conference desk in the University have the following options to reach their hotel.
One option is to embark the number 670 bus that departs from terminal 2 and takes passengers to the bus terminal in the city centre of Bonn close to the main railway station. 
Another option is to proceed to the railway station below the airport building, to take the commuter train S 13 heading for Linz and to get off this train at the railway station Bonn-Beuel. From this railway station, S 62 tram heading for Dottendorf will take you to the city centre of Bonn. For reaching Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University please go to a stop of S 66 tram that is close to your hotel and take the tram heading for Siegburg. For further information please refer to the web site of the airport Cologne/Bonn (link) and the web page Venue.

At Frankfurt airport you arrive either at terminal 1 or 2. If you arrive at terminal 2, please take the mono rail service to terminal 1. From there proceed to the railway station Fernbahnhof.(Terminal map, PDF 1.45 MB) On your way to Fernbahnhof before the stairs down to the rails, you can purchase a ticket (about 45 euros). If there is no time left, you can buy a ticket in the train. Please ask an attendant. Take a high speed train ICE in the direction of Cologne that stops at the railway station of Siegburg. For your way from the railway station to the university site please see above.

If you arrive at Düsseldorf airport, the mono rail (airport map) will take you to the railway station. Before leaving the building at taking the stairs down to the tracks, you can buy a ticket at Deutsche Bundesbahn, DB, counter. Take a train in the direction of Aachen and disembark the train at the station Köln Messe/Deutz. From there continue your journey on a train that stops at Siegburg railway station. For your way from the railway station to the university site please see above.

Arriving by train

For train schedules please see the web site of Deutsche Bundesbahn.

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Coming with train


Arriving by car

Please make use of the service at the bottom of the page to calculate and print customized routes.

Interactive or static maps and route calculation for the conference. For interactive mode Java enabled is needed.

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University of Applied Sciences
Grantham-Allee 20
53757 Sankt Augustin
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Usefull maps of TRAM 66 in order to reach the University of Applied science




Maps of trams/ metro and buses

Tram: http://www.vrsinfo.de/download/5_2_Schnellverkehrsplan_Bonn_12_2004.pdf

Busses on the LEFT Side of the Rhein: http://www.vrsinfo.de/download/5_2_Busnetzplan_Bonn_Rhein_Sieg_Kreis_lrh.pdf

Busses on the RIGHT Side of the Rhein: http://www.vrsinfo.de/download/5_2_Busnetzplan_Rhein_Sieg_Kreis_rrh.pdf





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