EUROPEAN Conference
on Modelling and Simulation

ECMS 2008

June 3rd - 6th, 2008
Nicosia, Cyprus


Vision and Visualization (VV)

    The aim of the Vision and Visualization track is to offer an opportunity to present and discuss the latest achievements in the area of modelling and simulation in vision and visualization related fields.

    Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) aspects of modelling and simulation in:

    • Biological and human vision
    • Computer vision
    • Image processing and analysis
    • Computer graphics
    • Virtual reality
    • Animation
    • Data visualization
    • Visualization in medicine, engineering and other fields
    • Applications of Vision and Visualization in areas such as
    • Engineering and computing

    • Medicine

    • Education and training

    • Factory operation and automation

  • Track chair: Gerald Schaefer
    Aston University
    Birmingham, B4 7ET, U.K.
    E-mail: G.Schaefer"at"aston.ac.uk 


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