26th EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2012

May 29th -  June 1st, 2012


Simulation-Based Business Research (SBBR)

Klaus G. Troitzsch







The early 1970 saw some first modeling and simulation attempts at simulating decision making and organizational behavior such as the famous Garbage Can model. Forty years later it is the time to review the current state of the art simulation-based business and management research.

This new track offers researchers an opportunity to submit papers in a wide variety of application areas of business and management research using simulation approaches.

We are seeking innovative and high-quality contributions which show how simulation methods can be used to address problems in business and management research.

Of particular interest are contributions which relate their simulations with empirical research methods, e.g. laboratory experiments, field studies or survey research, in one or several steps of the research process. Typical contributions will use computational methods such as multi-agent simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, system dynamics or genetic algorithms, but other simulation and computational approaches are welcome too.

Possible fields of application are from fields such as (but are not limited to):

-          Accounting and Management Control

-          Risk Management and Planning

-          Marketing

-          Logistics and Supply Chain Management

-          Organization Theory

-          Technology and Innovation Management

-          Knowledge Management

-          Strategy

-          Operations Research

-          Information and Communication Technology

-          International Management

-          etc.



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