26th EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2012

May 29th -  June 1st, 2012


Social Dynamics and Collective Behaviour

Klaus G. Troitzsch







This track aims to provide a forum for cutting-edge research on social system behaviour. A particular attention will be given to attempts to understand collective behaviour from agent interaction through agent-based models and advanced computer simulation techniques. These techniques are needed to look at agent interaction, which is one of the most crucial sources of non linearity, complexity and unpredictability of social systems. Studies that combine empirical data and modelling will be welcome.

An agreement has been made with ACS-Advances in Complex Systems to publish a special issue with the best contributions - to this track -  after the conference.
Information about deadlines, reviewing procedures and requirements will be given at the conference.

Topics include (but are not limited to) developments in the areas of:

 Agent-based simulation of social phenomena

Social dynamics

Cooperation and social norms

Reputation and trust

Simulation of social networks

Combination of experimental and computational research

Opinion dynamics

Culture dynamics

Societal transitions

Social conflict

Organisation dynamics

Socio-cognitive dynamics

Crowd behaviour

Threshold behaviour



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