27th EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2013

May 27th - 30th, 2013


Modeling and Simulation
in Robotic Applications


This track is intended to offer a forum for people interested in modeling and simulation of working environments and/or robotic systems. In robotics applications, modeling and simulation are helpful in the several aspects. Modeling of working environments helps the designer understanding the possible functionalities of the robotics system. Some more complex models, including robots and environments together, are powerful tools for researching and developing robot kinematics, control algorithms, and more. A successful modeling and simulation system can even evaluate the validity and performances of a robotic system in the design period. Besides usage in the R&D procedure, modeling and simulation are also necessary in some real applications, such as tele-operation tasks. When people are prohibited from accessing the working areas of robots, e.g., due to hazard circumstances or limited spaces, modeling and simulation can build up virtual reality copies of the environments for enhancing operation quality. Subjects of this track include but are not limited to:

  • Modeling of the working environments for robotic applications

  • Modeling for evaluating robot performance

  • Haptic technologies

  • Immersion technologies based on vision or motion simulation

  • Virtual reality applications for tele-operation tasks

  • Related applications



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