27th EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation


ECMS 2013

May 27th - 30th, 2013


Simulation and Visualization for Training and Education (SVT)


Simulation and visualization for operator training are rapidly expanding from military and aeronautics applications into commercial industries and education. Increasing computational capabilities allows more and more complex systems to be simulated in real time and visualized in realistic animation environments. Simulator training reduces operational risk and prepares operators for possible and impossible scenarios. Simulation and visualization is also becoming important tools in engineering and design processes, to test and optimize new designs and reduce risk of failures. This is a rapidly growing field, both in academia and in industry. Due to the fact that science and technology today deals with the very small, the very large or the very complex systems, model building has become an integrated part of these areas. In this track we try to set focus on the use of simulators as an aid in an educational and training context. By this we mean to highlight the use of theoretical/mathematical models to obtain realistic behavior of physical systems. The track is intended to offer a forum for people interested in modeling and simulation in education and training of professional operators and engineers. Subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Simulators for operational training

  • Simulators in design processes

  • Virtual prototyping using modeling and simulation

  • Hardware in the loop” simulators for system design and testing

  • Multi-domain systems modeling and simulation

  • Data structures and model representations

  • Modeling of objects or environments, including system/component behavior and operations

  • Modeling methodology

  • Human factors relative to simulator training

  • Related applications



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