Logistics, Transportation and Manufacturing Applications

The seek for constant performance improvement must be in the core of every organization.
The quest for improving results, for reducing costs and for increasing service levels drives companies to pursue new methods and techniques that allow them to excel in a very competitive environment. However, it is vital for an organization to better understand the outcomes of any change in its processes, being able to analyze the benefits and risks of this change. For this purpose, researchers and practitioners in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Transportation and Manufacturing are impelled to build simulation models showing and discussing the potential effects of changes in the supply chain architecture, in the manufacturing layout, in the reengineered process, and other topics related to the area.
Contributions can be related (but are not limited) to:

  • Supply chain design
  • Supply chain risk analysis
  • Supply chain costs
  • Supply chain performance measurement
  • Materials handling
  • Sourcing process and architecture
  • Distribution and delivery systems
  • Multi-model logistics
  • Manufacturing layout
  • Production planning and control
  • Maintenance operations