Open and Collaborative Models and Simulation Methods

This track aims at modelling and simulation works that uses the concept of openness and collaboration, that is, a piece of knowledge that the original code/algorithm/formula/process/method is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified (i.e. open)  and the process of developing this piece in a way that facilitate peers to re-use, contribute, and develop further (i.e. collaborative). Special attention is given to methods to facilitate the adaptation and re-use of common mathematical and engineering tools in open and accessible mediums, like github or web-based apps. Examples of open tools applied to industrial cases are also welcome.


  • Open design
  • Free / Open apps for modelling and simulation
  • Web-based development of technical tools
  • Test-driven development for mathematics and engineering
  • Free / Open software in industrial applications
  • Open 3D Modelling and Printing