At this moment ECMS 2023 is very happy to confirm the following tracks:

BPMI Business Process Modelling and Simulation for Industrial Operations

FES Finance, Economics and Social Sciences

SIMO Simulation and Optimization

FDEM Finite – Discrete – Element – Simulation

OCMS Open and Collaborative Models and Simulation Methods

RSSC Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain Modelling and Simulation

LTMA Logistics, Transportation and Manufacturing Applications

SSTMSV Special Students’ Track on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization 

MaSPECS Modelling and Simulation for Performance Evaluation of Computer-based Systems

DIS Modelling and Simulation of Data Intensive Systems

ECMS is planning to widen its offer soon for the following topics:
• Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Transportation
• Manufacturing Applications
• Environment and Sustainability Applications
• Gaming and Participatory Methods
• Agent-Based Simulation
• Hybrid Simulation
• Complex, Intelligent, Adaptive and Autonomous Systems
• Data Science for Simulation
• Industry Case Studies / Commercial Case Studies
• Modeling Methodology
• Cyber-Physical Systems and Digital Twins