Plenary Papers
INVI 1Toward More Realistic Simulation Models Using Object-Centric Process Mining
Wil M.P. van der Aalst
INVI 2Making Decisions With Simulation
Christine S.M. Currie
 Business Process Modelling and Simulation
for Industrial Operations
BPMI 1Simulation Supports Improvement And Expansion Of Auto Detailing Service
Virali Shah, Shiven Bhardwaj, Mingchen Kao, Joshua Willet, Edward J. Williams
BPMI 7Analysis Of MAP/M/1/K Ticket Queue With Users Balking And Reneging
And Service Of No-Show Users

Chesoong Kim, Alexander Dudin, Sergei Dudin, Olga Dudina
BPMI 27Agent-Based Modelling For Assessing
The Economic And Environmental Sustainability Of PSS

Veronica Arioli, Roberto Sala, Fabiana Pirola, Giuditta Pezzotta
BPMI 53Analyzing Distribution Quality Management Performance
Using Simulation And Design Of Experiments

Juan M. Cogollo-Florez, Alexander A. Correa-Espinal
BPMI 75Benchmarking Simulation Software Features:
A Comparison Between Two COTS Software In A Fashion Environment

Tommaso Mariotti, Romeo Bandinelli, Virginia Fani
 Finance and Economics and Social Sciences
FES 16Analysis Invariance Between Gender Of The Satisfaction With Parenting
Doudou Yan, Anna Bagirova
FES 26Hybrid Simulation Model To Support The Oral Health Education Planning
Maria Hajlasz, Bozena Mielczarek
FES 32The Effects Of Uncertainties In The Pension System On Economic Welfare
Andras Oliver Nemeth, Eszter Szabo-Bakos
FES 64The Risk Of Hedging
Agnes Vidovics-Dancs
FES 69Macroeconomic Policy Strategies In A Monetary Union:
Simulations With A Dynamic-Game Model

Dmitri Blueschke, Viktoria Blueschke-Nikolaeva, Reinhard Neck
FES 76Investment, Production And Indebtedness In A Duopoly
With Uncertain Demand

Mark Babotan, Peter Juhasz, Janos Szaz
FES 78The Impact Of The Tax Relief To Families On Household Income In Hungary
Erzsebet Terez Varga
FES 87Old Age Poverty And Financial Awareness In Europe
Agnes Vaskovi
 Simulation and Optimization
SIMO 3Design, Modelling, And Simulation Of Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle
Pawel Piskur, Bartosz Larzewski, Rafal Kot, Piotr Szymak
SIMO 5Mixture Modeling As A Way For Optimization Of Wort In Beer Production
Georgi Kostov, Rositsa Denkova-Kostova, Vesela Shopska, Kristina Ivanova
SIMO 6Numerical Research Of Obstacle Detection Using Forward Looking
Sonar Model Based On A Beam Of Rays

Piotr Szymak, Rafal Kot
SIMO 13Extending AGADE Traffic To Simulate Auctions In Shared Mobility Services
Johannes Nguyen, Simon T. Powers, Neil Urquhart,
Dominic Eckerle, Thomas Farrenkopf, Michael Guckert
SIMO 20Using A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach In Conjunction
With A Delphi Study To Identify Factors Influencing Pollutant Emissions

Walailak Atthirawong, Kanogkan Leerojanaprapa,
Tuanjai Somboonwiwat, Pongchanan Luangpaiboon
SIMO 22AMLLibrary: An AutoML Approach For Performance Prediction
Bruno Guindani, Marco Lattuada, Danilo Ardagna
SIMO 24SimBO – A Framework For Simulation-Based Optimization
Using Bayesian Optimization

Philipp Zmijewski, Nicolas Meseth
SIMO 25Development Of Dynamic Fully Integrated Well-Reservoir
Models For Simulation Of Oil Recovery Through Advanced Wells

Ali Moradi, Amaranath S. Kumara, Britt M. E. Moldestad
SIMO 30Modelling Emission Contributions To Air Quality Concentrations
During A Covid-19 Lockdown

Roberto San Jose, Juan L. Perez-Camanyo
SIMO 33An Alternative Pricing Of Regulatory Components Based On Adjustments
In The Relationship Between Peak And Off-Peak Tariffs In Brazil

Henrique S. Eichkoff, Daniel P. Bernardon, Vinicius J. Garcia, Daiana W. Silva,
Lucas M. Chiara, Sebastian A. Butto, Solange M. K. Barbosa, Alejandre C. A. Pose
SIMO 35Optimization Of HTC Value By Inverse Model Based On 5 Experimental Measurement Of A 26.6-ton Steel Ingot
Anna Mantelli, Annalisa Pola, Marcello Gelfi, Cristian Viscardi,
Francesco Bergamaschi, Massimo Svanera
SIMO 37A Modulating The HVAC Demand Of A Warehouse To Provide
Load Flexibility For Charging Electric Trucks

Farzad Dadras Javan, Behzad Najafi, Fabio Rinaldi,
Italo Aldo Campodonico Avendano, Amin Moazami
SIMO 39Functional Analysis And Performance Evaluation Of
Decoder Decision Tree Generation Algorithms

Lillian Tadros
SIMO 41Experiments On GPT-3 Assisted Process Model Development
Carlo Simon, Stefan Haag, Lara Zakfeld
SIMO 44Inbound Supply Chain Resilience Analysis Based On Key Resilience Areas
Frank Schaetter, Florian Haas, Frank Morelli
SIMO 47Time Series Prediction For The Housing Construction Market
With The Use Of NARNet

Daria Wotzka, Grazyna Suchacka, Lukasz Mach, Pawel Fracz, Joachim Foltys, Ionela Maniu
SIMO 54  Periodic Review Inventory Management With Budget Constraints:
Discrete-Event Simulation And Sensitivity Analysis

Natalya Lysova, Federico Solari, Damiana Caccamo, Claudio Suppini, Roberto Montanari
SIMO 59SCA-2023: A Two-Part Dataset For Benchmarking
The Methods Of Image Precompensation For Users With Refractive Errors

Nafe B. Alkzir, Ilia P. Nikolaev, Dmitry P. Nikolaev
SIMO 60Crop Classification Using Reduced-Dimensionality NDVI Time Series
Maria Pavlova, Dmitry Sidorchuk, Dmitry Bocharov, Anastasia Sarycheva
SIMO 63Agent-Based Modeling And Simulation Of Dehydration Process
Noureddine Seddari, Sohaib Hamioud, Abdelghani Bouras, Sara Kerraoui, Fouzia Krim
SIMO 66Established Production Planning And Control And Its Enhancement With Sustainability Marco Trost, Hajo Terbrack, Thorsten Claus, Frank Herrmann
SIMO 67Evaluation Of Alternative Configurations For A Manufacturing Plant:
The Case Of An Italian Company In The Business Of Oil And Fuel Additives

Leonardo Gucci, Rinaldo Rinaldi
 Finite – Discrete – Element Simulation
FDEM 12Exploring The Benefits Of OpenCL Shared Virtual Memory:
A Comparative Analysis On Integrated And External GPUs

Filip Kruzel, Mateusz Nytko
FDEM 55Modeling The Soil-Tool-Root Or -Stem Interaction With Coupled Discrete Element And Mass-Spring Methods
Laszlo Pasthy, Kornel Tamas
FDEM 72Introduction Of A Possible Approach To Modelling The Propagation
Of Head Check Cracks Using The Extended Finite Element Method
Taking Into Account Fluid Penetration

Daniel Bobis, Peter T. Zwierczyk
 Open and Collaborative Models and Simulation Methods
OCMS 8Simulation Of Gravitational Lensing In The Roulette Formalism
Hans Georg Schaathun, Simon Ingebrigtsen, Ben David Normann
Sondre Westbo Remoy, Einar Leite Austnes, Simon Nedreberg Runde
OCMS 29Predicting HVAC-Based Demand Flexibility
In Grid-
Interactive Efficient Buildings Utilizing Deep Neural Networks
Italo Aldo Campodonico Avendano, Amin Moazami, Farzad Dadras Javan,
Behzad Najafi
OCMS 40Interactive Ship Flow Simulation Enhanced By Neural Network Model
In A Web Environment

Yasuo Ichinose, Henrique M. Gaspar
OCMS 74Digital Twins For Topology Density Map Analysis
Zhicheng Hu, Agus Hasan, Ricardo da Silva Torres
OCMS 83Instigating Maritime Studies Via Rapid Prototyping And Robotics:
A Case From The SMARTBOAT Initiative

Pedro Teodoro, Rosa Marat-Mendes, Mario Assuncao, Nuno Alves,
Beatriz Sanguino, Henrique M. Gaspar
 Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain Modelling and Simulation
RSSC 19Assessing The Impact Of Forests On Local Wind Conditions
In Archipelagos: A CFD Study

Ashvinkumar Chaudhari, Eero Immonen, Mikael Manngard, Johan Westoe, Dennis Bengs
RSSC 61Green Hydrogen, Industrial Symbiosis, And Blockchain:
Enhancing Sustainability And Resilience In Supply Chains

Fernando Savian, Leandro Tomasin da Silva, Miguel Sellitto,
Henrique Luis Sauer Oliveira, Alessandro Neri, Maria Angela Butturi
 Logistics, Transportation and Manufacturing Applications
LTMA 18IOT-Based Business Process Management
For Temperature-Controlled Logistics System Of Laboratory Specimens

Wirachchaya Chanpuypetch, Tuangyot Supeekit, Jirawan Niemsakul
LTMA 38Boil-Off Rate In LNG Storage Tanks
As A Function Of Initial Liquid Temperature

Ann Rigmor Nerheim, Tor Hennum, Lene Aesoy
LTMA 43Hand Gesture Recognition For Human-Robot Cooperation
In Manufacturing Applications

Stanislaw Hozyn
LTMA 46Evaluating The Performance Of Autonomous Mobile Robots
In An Automated Palletizing System: A Simulation Model

Tea Castellucci, Elena Tappia, Emilio Moretti, Marco Melacini
LTMA 48  Advanced Milling Simulation And Information Management
Tobias Surmann, Kai Mecke
LTMA 50A Modeling And Simulation Based Assessment Of Switching Fuels
For A Norwegian Fishing Vessel

Tor Hennum, Oivind Kare Kjerstad, Ann Rigmor Nerheim,
Stian Skjong, Jarle Ladstein
LTMA 51Software-In-The-Loop Test Bench For
The Evaluation Of The Coordinative Fleet Control Approach In Intralogistics

Florian Rothmeyer, Johannes Fottner
 Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing
DTSM 11Data-Driven Simulation In Process Mining: Introducing A Reference Model
Mahsa Pourbafrani, Wil M.P. van der Aalst
DTSM 31Singular Simulation Of Real Fish In Fish Processing Factories
Paul Steffen Kleppe, Lars Andre Giske, Ola Jon Mork, Irina-Emily Hansen
DTSM 34Literature Review And Comparison
Of Digital Twin Frameworks In Manufacturing

Erica Galli, Virginia Fani, Romeo Bandinelli, Sylvain Lacroix, Julien Le Duigou, Benoit Eynard, Xavier Godart
DTSM 36Vertically Integrated Digital Twins For Rapid Adaptation Of Manufacturing Value Chains Ozan Emre Demir, Marcello Colledani, Uwe Teicher, Anas Ben Achour,
Andre Seidel, Albrecht Haenel, Anteneh Teferi Yemane,
Giovanni Paolo Borzi, Jan-Frederik Uhlenkamp, Sebastian Eberlein,
Remco Poelarends
DTSM 62Digital Twin For Agile Manufacturing:
Challenges From The Offshore Wind Turbine Industry

Mehrnoosh Nickpasand, Henrique M. Gaspar
DTSM 68Digital Twins for Supply Chains: Current Outlook and Future Challenges
Giovanni Lugaresi, Ziad Jemai, Evren Sahin
 Special Students’ Track on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization
SSTMSV 10Implementation And Evaluation Of An Arthroscopic Tracker System
For Intraoperative Motion Tracking And Force Registration

Oystein Bjelland, Lars Ivar Hatledal, Robin T. Bye, Martin Steinert
SSTMSV 42A Light-Weight Model For Run-Time Battery SOC-SOH Estimation
While Considering Aging

Mohsen Heydarzadeh, Eero Immonen, Hashem Haghbayan, Juha Plosila
SSTMSV 45Modelling And Simulating Age-Dependent Pedestrian Behaviours
With An Autonomous Vehicle

Ophelie Jobert, Julie Dugdale, Manon Predhumeau
SSTMSV 49  Simulating Hospital Acquired Infection Transmission
With The Agents Assembly Ecosystem

Przemysław Hołda, Kajetan Rachwal, Wiktoria Głowniak, Marcin Rojek
SSTMSV 89E-Waste Tracker:
A Platform To Monitor E-Waste From Collection To Recycling

Sara Artang, Ibrahim A. Hameed, Afshin Ghasemian
 Modeling and Simulation for Performance Evaluation
of Computer-based Systems
DIS 14Stochastic Modeling And Optimization For Power And Performance Control In DVFS Systems
Youssef Ait El Mahjoub, Leo Le Corre, Hind Castel-Taleb
DIS 23Matrix Similarity Analysis Of Texts Written In Romanian And Spanish
Artur Niewiarowski, Anna Plichta
DIS 52Agent-Based Simulation And Analysis Of Infrastructure-As-Code Process
To Build And Manage Cloud Environment

Andrzej Mycek, Daniel Grzonka, Jacek Tchorzewski
DIS 57Verification Of Data-Intensive Embedded Systems
Massimo Narizzano, Armando Tacchella
DIS 58Evaluation Of Synthetically Generated Traces Towards A Data-Centre Digital Twin
Alejandro Fernandez-Montes, Damian Fernandez-Cerero,
Agnieszka Jakobik, Belen Bermejo, Carlos Juiz
DIS 70Convective Cells Algorithm For Storm Data Tracking
Piotr Szuster, Joanna Kolodziej
DIS 71Anomaly Detection In TCP/IP Networks
Joanna Kolodziej, Mateusz Krzyszton, Pawel Szynkiewicz
DIS 73Detrended Fluctuation Analysis Of Sentiment Patterns In Literary Texts
Lukasz Gaza, Stanislaw Drozdz, Pawel Oswiecimka, Marek Stanuszek
DIS 79Obstructive Sleep Apnea Identification Based On VGGish Networks
Salvatore Serrano, Luca Patane, Marco Scarpa
DIS 80Towards Data-Driven NARX ANN Simulation For Optimal Control
Of The Flue Gas Desulphurization For Coal Power Plants

Dominika Cywicka, Agnieszka Jakobik
DIS 82Cost- And Performance-Based Evaluation Of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
Enrico Barbierato, Mauro Iacono, Marco Gribaudo, Michele Mastroianni
DIS 84Prediction Of Chemical Plants Operating Performances:
A Machine Learning Approach

Lelio Campanile, Luigi Piero Di Bonito, Mauro Iacono,
Francesco Di Natale