Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, England.

9th-11th June 2003


GENERAL: It is important to note that the appearance of your paper in the Proceedings will largely depend upon the care that you take in preparing the original manuscript and graphic material.


SCS reserves the right to review final manuscripts and reject any that are seriously below standard in content or presentation.


  1. Use Times New Roman throughout. Except for the title and the abstracts, manuscripts must be typed 2 columns to a page with a recommendation of 25mm for all margins.
  2. TITLE should be in 16 point bold upper case. The title, authors, affiliation, abstract and keywords should be centred across the page; AUTHORS' NAMES should be in upper case 12 point and separated by an empty space from their affiliation; affiliation should be in lower case 10 point and italics.
  3. Abstracts should be justified, with the word Abstract: in bold as the first word in the first line.
  4. Keywords should be kept to one line with the word keywords:  appearing in italics as the first word on the line.  
  5. Text should be in double column, 10 point Times New Roman, single-spaced and justified, with double spacing between paragraphs.
  6. Electronic submission as a Word file is preferred, with pdf file as a second option. 

MAJOR HEADINGS: These are left justified, bold and in capitals, may be numbered.

Subheadings: These are left justified, bold and capitalised (first letter of each word in capital only), and numbered, e.g. 2.3.

Secondary Subheading: Left justified, in lower case italics, and numbered, e.g. 3.2.4.

FIGURES: These will be reproduced exactly as supplied. If not scaled to single column/full page width please remember that any reduction will make text less legible. Use a large enough and clear font and avoid excessive complexity in diagrams.

REFERENCES: In the text these are cited in square brackets by the family name of the author and the year of publication, with multiple authors and multiple publications in the same year indicated thus: [Zobel and Lee, 1992], [Smith and Jones, 1991a], [Doe et al, 1988], [Jones, 1991; Becket, 1990b]; and listed in the REFERENCE section as shown below:

Zobel R.N. and Lee K.H. 1992, "A Graphical User Interface Based Simulation System for Mixed Application Areas". In Proc. SCSC 92 Summer Computer Simulation Conf. (Reno, USA, July) SCSI, San Diego, CA, USA. Pp62-66.

BIOGRAPHY: please include a short biography of the first author at the end of the manuscript together with a recent photograph. This allows the viewing and reading audience to gain familiarity with the background and experience of the author, thus giving the paper greater impact and validity.

PAGE LIMIT: 6 PAGES. Papers should have a maximum length of 6 double column pages. Additional pages may be submitted, but there is an extra page charge of 50/page which must be added to the accompanying registration fee. We would prefer that you did not exceed the 6 page limit!

Questions on manuscript preparation should be addressed to the Programme Chairman.