The Budapest University of Economics

Budapest University of Economics is located in the business district of Budapest within walking distance of several hotels (Atrium Hyatt, Forum, Gellert, Korona).

Its predecessor was the "Commercial Section" of The Technical University of Budapest, which was set up in 1857. Out of this section, the Economic section was established in 1912. This situation remained till 1948 when it was seperated from the University and it became the independent University of Economic Sciences. A number of years later it received its present name: the Budapest University of Economic Sciences.

It has four main faculties: Business, Economics, Social Science and International Studies.

For its participants it boasts several conference rooms, a wonderful art-deco university buffet and a vaulted cafeteria.

The nearest subway station is Kalvin ter.

Budapest University of Economics
Dimitrov ter 8
1093 Budapest
tel: +36.1.2184665
fax: +36.1.2184665
central tel: +36.12.170233 or +36.12.186855

The parallel sessions will be held in the main building on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. The registration desk will be placed in the hallway close to these lecture rooms

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