11th European Simulation Multiconference
Istanbul, Turkey, June 1-4, 1997


Hosted by
Bogazici University
Istanbul - Turkey
Department of
Industrial Engineering

Organized by: The Society for Computer Simulation International
Co-sponsored by: Systems Modeling Corporation
  Otosan A.S.



The Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS) would like to welcome you to the 1997 European Simulation Multiconference (ESM’97). This year's meeting will give you a sampling of the current state-of-the-art in simulation methodology and technology. The ESM’97 committee wishes you a fruitful conference and a pleasant stay in Istanbul.


We are grateful to

for the various forms and levels of support they have given for the Multiconference.

Co-sponsoring societies:

CASS The Chinese Association for System Simulation
CSSS The Czech and Slovak Simulation Society
EuSC The European Simulation Council
EUROSIM Federation of European Simulation Societies
HSS The Hungarian Simulation Society
JSST Japan Society for Simulation Technology
LSS The Latvian Simulation Society
PSS The Polish Simulation Society
SiE Simulation In Europe ESPRIT Working Group
TSF The Turkish Computer Simulation Research Foundation


General Conference Chair
Ali Riza Kaylan

General Conference Co-chair
Axel Lehmann

SCS Conference Coordinator
Rainer Rimane

Program Chairs

Simulation Methodologies
M. Akif Eyler and Peter Eschenbacher

Artificial Intelligence and Simulation
Ercan Oztemel and Helena Szczerbicka

Industrial Simulation
Enver Yucesan
and Agostino G. Bruzzone

Computer and Telecommunication Systems
Oryal Tanir
and Fritz Lehmann

Modeling the Dynamics of Organizations and Information Systems
Alexander Verbraeck
and Baris Tan

Modeling of Socio-Economic Systems
Ihsan Sabuncuoglu
and Yuri Merkuryev

Defense Systems
Emin Anarim
and Richard Zobel

Analytical and Numerical Modeling Techniques
Suleyman Ozekici
and Gunter Bolch

Exhibit Chair
Tulin Yazgac

International Program Committee :

H. Adelbersger (Germany) Istvan Molnar (Hungary)
Osman Balci (USA) Henri Muller (-Malek) (Belgium)
Jerry Banks (USA) Henri Pierreval (France)
Hans J.P.C Blanc (Netherlands) Antonio Puliafito (Italy)
Wolfgang Borutzky (Germany) Birger Rapp (Sweden)
Francois E. Cellier (USA) Mario Savastano (Italy)
Walter Colombo (Argentina) Bernd Schmidt (Germany)
Winfried Dulz (Germany) Christian Schnur (Germany)
Norbert Giambiasi (France) Bruno Sericola (France)
Stefan Greiner (Germany) Miroslav Snorek
Juergen Halin (Switzerland) (Czech Republic)
Thomas Hanschke (Germany) Ingolf Stahl (Sweden)
Wolfgang Hormann (Austria) Janos Sztrik (Hungary)
Graham Horton (UK) Sadao Takaba (Japan)
K-P. Huber (Germany) Kishor Trivedi (USA)
Ralph Huntsinger (USA) A. Uhrmacher (Germany)
Peter M. Jackson (UK) Onur Ulgen (USA)
Andras Javor (Hungary) Th. Uthmann (Germany)
Helen Karatza (Greece) Ellen Walther-Klaus (Germany)
Eugene Kerckhoffs (Netherlands) Martin Wildberger (USA)
Jack Kleijnen (Netherlands) Edward Williams (USA)
Uwe Langer (Germany) Tulin Yazgac (Turkey)
Levent Mollamustafaoglu (Netherlands)  

(c) SCS Europe, 1997. Authors: Ali Riza Kaylan, Alexander Verbraeck, SCS Europe Office. Last change: 03-02-03