13th European Simulation Multiconference
Warsaw, Poland, June 1-4, 1999
Track A1. Applications in Telecommunication

Program Chair
Prof. Michal Pioro, Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw University of Technology, Nowowiejska 15/19, 00-665 Warszawa, Poland
Email: mpp@tele.pw.edu.pl
tel. +48 22 825 98 20, fax. +48 22 660 75 64


The track "Applications in Telecommunications" will be devoted to presenting papers on applicability of the simulation approach to the traffic performance analysis of new telecommunication systems such as:

The submitted papers should consider non-trivial performance analysis problems in telecommunications treated by means of discrete-event simulation. The papers discussing the effectiveness of the application of standard simulation languages and commercially available simulation packages to the traffic performance analysis of the abovementioned (and other) telecommunication systems are of great interest, as well as papers presenting new simulation techniques such as rare-event simulation. Also other papers related to the area defined by the track title will be considered for presentation.

International Program Committee: 

ESM'99 conference information: Helena Szczerbicka, Philippe Geril, Alexander Verbraeck. SCS Europe, 1998