13th European Simulation Multiconference
Warsaw, Poland, June 1-4, 1999
Track A4.
Modeling in Engineering Processes

Program Chair
Prof. Tomasz Krzyzynski,
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Koszalin University of Technology, Poland
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Email: tkrzyz@tu.koszalin.pl


The Modeling in Engineering Processes track focuses on the application of simulation in mechanical and structural engineering. The aim of the track is to bring together leading experts in the fields in order to shed light on the different facets of the subject, from the mathematical foundations via computational methods to industrial applications. The track aims at scientists from universities and research institutes interested in mechanics in general as well as engineers from companies dealing with  mechanical and structural engineering like those mentioned above. We welcome contributions in the following areas:

- Oscilations and Waves
- Stability and Control
- Computational Mechanics
- Numerical Analysis
- Multibody Systems
- Mathematical Methods in Engineering Sciences
- Optimization

International Program Committee:

Prof. Tomasz Krzyzynski,
Koszalin University of Technology, Poland
Email: tkrzyz@tu.koszalin.pl

Prof. Michal Kleiber
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Poland
Email: mkleiber@ippt.gov.pl

Prof. Roman Bogacz
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Poland
Email: rbogacz@ippt.gov.pl

Prof. Wojciech Kacalak
Koszalin University of Technology, Poland
Email: kacalakw@tu.koszalin.pl

Prof. Karl Popp
Institute of Mechanics, University of Hannover, Germany
Email: popp@ifm.uni-hannover.de

Dr. Mariusz Pyrz
Lille Mechanics Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of Lille
Email: Mariusz.Pyrz@eudil.fr

ESM'99 conference information: Helena Szczerbicka, SCS Europe Office, Alexander Verbraeck. SCS Europe, 1998