13th European Simulation Multiconference
Warsaw, Poland, June 1-4, 1999

Keynote and invited Speakers 

Keynote Address:

Dr. Dejan J. Sobajic, EPRI, Palo Alto, USA
"From OASIS to WAMS" - How information systems became catalysts for power industry deregulation.

Fitting Together the Pieces of the North American Power System Puzzle
In the world of power system operation, new information systems are rapidly becoming part of our vocabulary seemingly almost overnight.  Many of us talk about OASIS (the Open Access Same-time Information System), NERC's new ISN (the Inter-regional Security Network), and powerful control center technologies such as the CCAPI (control center Application Program Interface).  Out West, there's much progress to report and much discussion of the great possibilities that remain for something called WAMS (the Wide Area Monitoring System).  While some of these systems were born out of the necessity of accommodating open access and competition, others originated from our advancing understanding of how complex, interconnected power systems work.  But how do these and other emerging system operation technologies and information systems fit together?  Do they fit together at all, or is there excessive duplication?  Is anything holding them together or integrating them in any way?  What is the current role of each, and what are the possibilities for the future?  These questions are important ones, for these systems are at the very heart of successfully achieving open access, while maintaining a secure power system.  This presentation aims to answer these and other questions, while clarifying the puzzle that is today's, and is evolving into tomorrow's, North American power system.

Invitet Speakers:

Prof. Bogdan Lesyng, ICM Warsaw, Poland
Simulation of Biomolecular Systems and Processes, Perspectives and Current Limitations.

Prof. Kishor Trivedi, Duke University, USA
Performability Modeling

Prof. Erol Gelenbe, University of Central Florida, and Duke University, USA
Humanitarian De-Mining: Simulation and Modeling in the Search for Land Mines.

ESM'99 conference information: Helena Szczerbicka, Philippe Geril, Alexander Verbraeck. SCS Europe, 1998