October 23-26, 2002
Dresden, Germany


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The residence of the Saxon electors and kings has brought forth important architectural gems for centuries. This is seen most clearly today in the Dresden Palace, for example, which presents traces of practically every style period of European architecture. Nevertheless, the contemporary fame of Dresden’s architecture is founded on its Baroque buildings. As Kings of Poland, Augustus the Strong and his son had Dresden transformed into one of the most exquisite royal residences in Europe. Impressive testimonies to the Baroque period are today the Zwinger by Pöppelmann and Permoser, the Blockhaus, the Taschenberg Palais and George Bähr’s Frauenkirche church. The Classicist years represented a second important zenith for the City’s development with the art gallery and opera house by Gottfried Semper and Schinkel’s guardhouse on Theaterplatz square.


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