October 17-20, 2004
Budapest, Hungary




The Fishermen's Bastion


Take a look at Budapest now! (Web cam)


The Matthias Church

General Information

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It has almost two million inhabitants and the 23 districts (the roman numbers in the addresses) spread around both sides of the Danube. Budapest is also the educational and cultural center of Hungary. Budapest is famous for its Castle Hill District, which is part of the World Heritage and for its museums, where one can visit permanent and temporary exhibitions all year long. The Hungarian capital is also the centre of the country's theatrical and music life. Budapest has a great tradition in hosting special events and prestigious festivals: each of the four seasons has its own festival in Budapest.

For more information please visit the Budapest Tourism Office.

Budapest and Hungary in panorama pictures!

The Art Gallery

After the political change in 1989 many international companies have established their subsidiary in Hungary, mostly in the Budapest region. New factories and warehouses have been built and also development centers have been created or moved to Hungary. So the co-operation between companies and universities became more and more important through the years in research and development, specially in the field of simulation a great leap could be experienced.


The Castle District

Please visit the following site if you want to learn more about Budapest's history.

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