A scientific conference on Web technology, new media, communications and telematics theory, methods, tools and applications


Preliminary program for the Euromedia 1996 conference


14:00Registration desk opens
16:00Tutorial JAVA, part I (Denmark room)
18:00Welcome reception in the Library of the Holiday Inn


08:30Opening session in the Sweden Room

08:45Plenary presentation, Sweden Room
M-15Claude Comair. The Skeleton of Video Game Curriculum. DigiPen, Vancouver B.C., Canada. (E)

10:00Coffee Break

10:30COMTEC-1, Denmark Room
Transmission technologies and ATM
120 minutes
C-1A. Genco, G. Lo Re. Improving Process Migration by Local Naming Policy. University of Palermo, CERE-CNR, Palermo, Italy. (N)
C-5Kyou H. Lee, Young W. Cha, Jong O. Kim. Towards Multimedia Services for the Residences. Broadband Communication Department, ETRI, Yousong, Korea. (N)
C-7Miltos Grammatikakis, Martina Johl. Clock Level Simulation of an ATM Switch. University of Hildesheim, Germany. (E)
C-8Krzysztof Amborski. Access Networks for Broadband Services. Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., Warsaw, Poland. (E)

10:30WEBTEC-1, Iceland Room
Multi-agent technology and search engines
100 minutes
W-1Uwe M. Borghoff, Pierre-Yves Chevalier, Jutta Willamowski. Adaptive Refinement of Search Patterns for Distributed Information Gathering. Rank Xerox Research Centre, Meylan, France. (E)
W-7José Neves, José Machado. The Application of Web-Based Multi-Agent Technology to Simulation Modelling. Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal. (N)
W-11Eugene J.H. Kerckhoffs, Hans L.M. Vangheluwe. A Multi-Agent Architecture for Sharing Knowledge and Experimental Data about Water Treatment Plants through the Internet. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; University of Ghent, Belgium. (E)

10:30MEDIATEC-1, Norway Room
Multimedia environments
100 minutes
M-1Y. Monsef. Towards an Interactive and Cooperative Multimedia Editing using Cognitive Simulation Interface. Lebanese University, Bures s/Yvette, France. (E)
M-9Domenico Falco, Fabio de Felice. Problems Relative to the Development of a Multimedia Package: A Proposal of a User Interface. Universita degli Studi di Cassino, Italy. (E)
M-11Jan-Willem van Aalst; Charles v/d Mast. Analysis of Problems during Multimedia Development projects. Origin / Interactive Media Competence Center, Baarn; Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. (N)


14:00COMTEC-2, Denmark Room
Security and typical applications
100 minutes
C-3Steven Furnell, Mark Green, Stephen Hope, Joseph Morrissey, Paul Reynolds. Non-Intrusive Security Arrangements to Support Terminal and Personal Mobility. University of Plymouth, UK, Orange Personal Communications Services, Bristol, UK, Aldiscon Ltd., Dublin, Ireland. (N)
C-4E.M. Joyce, S.M. Furnell, P.L. Reynolds, P.W. Sanders. Addressing Security in an Integrated Service Engineering Environment. University of Plymouth, United Kingdom. (E)
W-3Paul Havinga, Gerard Smit, Arne Helme. Survey of Electronic Payment Methods and Systems. University of Twente, The Netherlands. (E)

14:00WEBTEC-2, Iceland Room
Web-based authoring tools
80 minutes
W-2Lubos Mikusiak, Miroslav Adamy. Viewing Formal Specifications in Z on World Wide Web. Intergraph SR, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. (N)
W-9H.A. Nour Eldin, H.-J. Nern, A. Strummer, J. Wassermann. Dynamic Generation of HTML-Pages by Using Complex Database Structures. University of Wuppertal, Fachhochschule für Druck, Stuttgart, Germany. (N)
W-13M. Nikolaidou, D. Anagnostopoulos, E. Spyropoulos. Using Lotus Notes as an Internet Exploring Tool. University of Athens, Greece. (E)

14:00MEDIATEC-2, Norway Room
Distributed Multimedia
120 minutes
M-2Rik Min. Parallelism in Working-, Learning-, and Do-Environments: The Parallel Instruction Theory for Coaching in Open Learning Environments for Simulation. University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. (E)
M-8Jang Rai Roh, Byung Do Ko. A Dynamic Session Management for the Distributed Multimedia-On-Demand System. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Yousong, Korea. (E)
M-16Claude Comair. Distributed Fault Tolerant Databases for Multi­media Applications. DigiPen, Vancouver B.C., Canada. (E)

16:00Coffee / tea break

16:30TUTORIAL B, Denmark Room
Face Recognition

16:30TUTORIAL A2, Iceland Room
Java Part II

16:30TUTORIAL C, Norway Room
MultiMedia Developing

18:00Conference Dinner


08:45Plenary presentation, Denmark Room
Pattie Maes, MIT Media

09:30Coffee Break

10:00APTEC-1, Denmark Room
Group Support
120 minutes
A-1Anton Eliëns, Frank Niessink, Bastiaan Schönhage, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Paul Nash. Support for Business Process Redesign: Simulation, Hypermedia and the Web. Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and University of Manchester, UK. (E)
A-4Jens Hoheisel, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Frithjof Weber, Volker Wiehle. Concept and Application of a Software Tool for Creative Problem Solving in Groups. BIBA Bremen, Germany. (E)
A-6Peter J.H. Hinssen. Using Groupware to support Teleworking. Telematics Research Centre, Enschede, The Netherlands. (E)

10:00WEBTEC-3, Iceland Room
WWW Databases
100 minutes
W-4Stephan Wurst, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Roland Oehlmann. Java Applets for Remote Database Access. BIBA Bremen, DSR-Senator Lines, Germany. (E)
W-5Jean-Marc Reynders, Christel Knops. Interworking between CORBA distributed Applications and the World Wide Web. Belgacom Research Development and Engineering, Brussels, Belgium. (E)
W-6Mitja Lenic, Nikolaj Korbar, Milan Ojstersek, Viljen Zumer. A New Approach in Building City Information System. University of Maribor, Slovenia. (N)

10:00MEDIATEC-3, Norway Room
Multimedia authoring tools
120 minutes
M-3Elisabeth André, Jochen Müller, Thomas Rist. WIP/PPP: Knowledge-Based Methods for Automated Multimedia Authoring. German Research Center for Atrificial Intelligence (DFKI), Saarbrücken, Germany. (E)
M-4Feico Dillema, Paul Havinga, Paul Sijben and Gerard Smit. Audio Source Location for a Digital TV­director. University of Twente. Enschede, The Netherlands. (E)
M-14Christian Geiger, Ralf Hunstock, Volker Paelke. Rapid Prototyping of Animated 3-D Objects. University of Paderborn, Germany. (E)

10:00APTEC-4, Finland Room
Virtual Reality and VRML
120 minutes
A-7Charles van der Mast, Martin van den Berg. Evaluation of Supermarket Designs using Virtual Reality. Delft University of Technology, LAVA Virtual Reality, The Hague, The Netherlands. (E)
A-11Predrag Sidjanin. GIS and VR ­ An Integration. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (E)
W-12Wolfgang Broll. Realizing Shared Virtual Worlds with VRML. GMD ­ German National Research Center for Information Technology, Schloss Birlinghoven, Germany. (E)


14:00APTEC-2, Denmark Room
Cooperative Work Environments
120 minutes
A-2G. Henri ter Hofte, Hermen J, van der Lugt, Maurice A.W. Houtsma. CO4: A Comprehensive Model of Groupware Functionality. Telematics Research Centre, Enschede, The Netherlands. (E)
A-8W. Dangelmaier, S. Kress, R. Wenski. Workflow Management in Telematics: A New Approach to Increase Productivity by the Use of a Flexible Time Management of Teleworkers. University of Paderborn, Germany. (E)
A-12D. Spath, M. Posur, G. Selinger. Efficient Task Performance by Nomadic­Cooperative Work. University of Karlsruhe, Germany (E)

14:00APTEC-3, Iceland Room
Training Applications
120 minutes
A-5M.J.J.M. van de Ven, A.R. Riemslag, J. Zuidema. Multimedia Instructions for Laboratory Exercises in Materials Engineering. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. (E)
A-9M.J. Warren. A Telematics Security Training Application. University of Plymouth, United Kingdom. (E)
A-13L.J.M. Rothkrantz, R.J. van Vark, A.J.S.I.K. Bos, D.J.A. Pauw. An Educational Site on the World Wide Web. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. (E)

14:00MEDIATEC-4, Norway Room
120 minutes
M-5Alain Legault, Janet Matey, Mathematically Lossless Motion­JPEG: Better Than Uncompressed Video. Matrox Video Products Group, Dorval Quebec, Canada. (E)
M-7Alain Legault, Janet Matey. PC­Based Open Architecture Standards: An Overview. Matrox Video Products Group, Dorval, Quebec, Canada (E)
C-2A. Genco, G. Lo Re. Video-on-Demand Multiplexing Optimisation. University of Palermo, CERE-CNR, Palermo, Italy. (E)

16:00Closing session, Denmark Room

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