The International Workshop
Modelling and Simulation within a Maritime Environment
(Riga, Latvia, September 6 - 8, 1998)


Hosted by
The Riga Technical University

Organised and sponsored by
The Society for Computer Simulation International

in co-operation with
The Latvian Simulation Society
The Liophant Simulation Club

Cosponsored by
The Latvian Council of Science

Scientific Programme

The workshop will deal with various aspects of modelling and simulation for maritime applications. It is aimed to discuss the role of simulation in increasing efficiency of maritime operations, and to share already existing experiences in that area. The list of topics includes (but is not limited to) modelling and simulation activities along the following main lines :

  • Container Terminals
  • Harbour Management
  • In-Harbour Traffic Control
  • Maritime Traffic Control
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Naval Architecture
  • Naval Training Equipment
  • Navigation Line Management
  • Safety in Maritime Environment
  • Ship Building
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • ...


    The workshop will be hosted by the Riga Technical University (RTU) that is the oldest and largest higher education institution in Latvia to offer advanced study programmes in Engineering, Technology and Architecture. It was founded under the name of Riga Polytechnic in 1862 as the first technical higher school in the whole Russian Empire. Currently it incorporates 8 faculties with about 8700 regular, 750 corresponding and 250 doctoral students.

    RTU is a basic institution for the Latvian Simulation Society (LSS). It was organised in 1990 as the first professional simulation society within the former Soviet Union. The society consolidates Latvian researches and practitioners, whose professional interests are in the field of modelling and simulation. LSS holds a monthly seminar, where experiences in solving various theoretical and practical problems in the field of modelling and simulation are discussed. It is affiliated with SCS.

    Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a nice, old town on the Baltic Sea. The first information about Riga relates to 1198. Geographical position has stimulated its development as one of the largest Baltic centres of transport, finance, trade and industry. Currently there are about 900.000 inhabitants in the city. Its architecture reflects many styles and epochs, from medieval Gothic and Roman to the tall modern buildings. There are about 500 beautiful buildings in Riga, made in the Art Nouveau style. Recently its historical centre was included into the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. Riga is also a major port city, with the passenger and commercial harbours. The last one comprises one of the biggest container terminals on the Baltic Sea.


    Workshop Committee

    General Chair:
  • Prof Yuri Merkuryev

    Dept. of Modelling and Simulation
    Riga Technical University
    1, Kalku Street ; LV-1658 Riga, LATVIA
    Tel. +371-7089514
    Fax +371-7820094


  • General Co-Chair:
  • Dr. Galina Merkuryeva

    Dept. of Modelling and Simulation
    Riga Technical University
    1, Kalku Street ; LV-1658 Riga, LATVIA
    Tel. +371-7089514
    Fax +371-7820094


  • Programme Chair:
  • Dr. Agostino Bruzzone

    Institute of Technology and Mechanical Plants
    University of Genoa
    via Opera Pia 15 ; 16145 Genova, ITALY
    Tel.: +39-19-97398
    Fax: +39-19-97600


  • Programme Co-Chair:
  • Prof. Leonid Novitsky

    Dept. of Informatics and Software Engineering
    Riga Technical University
    1, Kalku Street ; LV-1658 Riga, LATVIA
    Tel. +371-7320092
    Fax +371-7820094



    The International Programme Committee:

    A. Andronov (Latvia)
    E. Bluemel (Germany)
    J. Britals (Latvia)
    P. Broas (Finland)
    A. Bruzzone (Italy)
    D. Esposti (Italy)
    I. Freimane (Latvia)
    L. Gambardella (Switzerland)
    P. Groumpos (Greece)
    J. Grundspenkis (Latvia)
    A. Gutmanis (Latvia)
    G. Jonins (Latvia)
    I. Kabashkins (Latvia)
    A.R. Kaylan (Turkey)
    E. Kindler (Czech Republic)
    P. Lorenz (Germany)
    G. Merkuryeva (Latvia)
    J. Merkuryev (Latvia)
    M. Nevins (USA)
    L. Novitsky (Latvia)
    J. Osis (Latvia)
    P. Rivzha (Latvia)
    B. Rapp (Sweden)
    T. Schriber (USA)
    R. Signorile (USA)
    J. Tolujew (Latvia)
    R. Van Landeghem (Belgium)
    G. Vansteenkiste (Belgium)
    M. Ziema (Latvia)
    R. Zobel (U.K.)


    Submission and Deadlines


    All submissions (extended abstracts (1-2 pages) or full papers) should be sent electronically or by regular mail to Agostino Bruzzone, (See address above), by the appropriate date.
    Conference Language is ENGLISH and all submissions are only accepted if in ENGLISH


    June 30th, 1998

    July 10th, 1998

    July 22nd, 1998

    Paper Submission

    Notification of Acceptance

    Final Submission


    Registration Fees:

    Registration before August 15th

    Registration after August 15th

    Eastern Participants Registration

    12500 BEF/ USD 338

    14500 BEF/ USD 392

    6000 BEF/ USD 162


    Hotel Information

    Deadline for Hotel Reservations is August 5, 1998

    Participants are expected to contact the hotels directly, with the only exception for the RTU hostel. Reservations are treated on the "First-In-First-Served" basis. LVL (Lat) is a Latvian currency; in the middle of February, 1998 the exchange rate was 1 USD for 0.59 LVL.


    Hotel "Riga" ****

    Located in the Old City, close to the workshop site.
    For reservations, please mention: "RigaWorkshop'98, code 271"

    Special prices for workshop participants :

  • Single - 33 LVL
    Double - 48 LVL
  • Coordinates:

  • 22 Aspazyas boulevard, Riga

    Phone: +371-7216285 (Booking Dept.), +371-7216107 (Information)
    Fax: +371-7229828

    E-mail: - Website:

  • Hotel "Laine"

    A small hotel in the downtown, within a walking distance from the conference site.
    For reservations, please mention: "RigaWorkshop'98, code MSME"

    Special prices for workshop participants :

  • Rooms with common facilities :
  • Single - 12.75 LVL
    Double - 18.70 LVL
    Triple - 22.95 LVL
  • Rooms with facilities :
  • Double - 29.75 LVL
    Double for single use - 25.50 LVL
  • Coordinates:

  • 11 Skolas street, Riga

    Phone: +371-7288816, +371-7217247, +371-7282626
    Fax: +371-7287658

    E-mail: - Website:

  • RTU hostel

    For budget accommodation. 15 min. by public transport from the workshop site.

    3 LVL per person per night in double or triple rooms.

    For reservations, please contact:

  • Ms. Liene Auzina

    Phone: +371-7089514, +371-7089508