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ELECTRONIC REPLY FORM (or use the fax-reply form)

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Frst Name:
Occupation and/or Title:
Mailing Address:


Yes, I intend to attend the 2000  Middle Eastern Symposium on Simulation andModelling:
  Presenting a paper (by submitting an extended abstract or a full paper)
  Presenting a short paper (by submitting a 1-2 page short paper proposal)
  Participating in the industrial program or by organizing a vendor session
  Proposing a panel discussion (please mention the names of the intended panelists)
  Contributing to the exhibition
  Without presenting a paper

The provisional title of my paper / exhibited tool is:

With the following highlights:


The paper belongs to the category (please tick one):
Modelling and Simulation Methodology
Simulation of Networks and Communication Systems
Energy System Simulation
Fuzzy Systems Modelling
Adaptive Modelling and Simulation
Web Based Simulation
Simulation in Education and Training
Neural Network Applications and Modelling
Simulation in Weather Prediction Models
Modelling in Semiconductor Materials

The paper will be submitted as a:
Full Paper (5-8 pages)      Extended Abstract (3-4 pages)     Short Paper (1-2 pages)
Please note that only full papers and extended abstracts can be accepted to be worked out as regular papers in the proceedings. Only a small percentage of full paper submissions will be considered for an extended, 8 page paper. Submissions shorter than one full page, will not be considered at all.


Other colleague(s) interested in the topics of the conference is/are:


If you would like to receive more information about SCS and its activities, please tick the following box:
YES, I would like to know more about SCS.
NO, please remove me from your database.


If e-mail fails, you can also print this information and send / fax it to:
The Society for Computer Simulation International,
European Simulation Office, University of Ghent,
Coupure Links 653, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium
Phone: +32-9-2337790, Fax: +32-9-2234941

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