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Preliminary Programme



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Keynote Speech

Using Neural Networks in Modeling and Simulation.
Prof. Eugene J.H. Kerckhoffs, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Session I: Modelling and Simulation Methodology

Cut Planning and Waste Optimization for Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock Applications
Yousef Al-Assaf, American University of Sharjah.

Theoretical Investigation and Calculation Method of Abrasive Wear for the Shaft in the Friction Couple Type ''Shaft-Cuff (Sealing Ring)''
Dr. Ubeidulla Al-Qawabeha, Tafila Applied University Collage, Al-Balqa' Applied University, Tafila, Jordan

Deposition of Silver Contacts Onto Microwave Devices by DC Magnetron Sputtering
N.M. Mustapha, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

Knowledge Based Computerized Process Planning for Electronic Assembly
Dr. Mithal A. Al-Basam, Dr. Mazin B. Adel and Dr. Hussein S. Kitan, Department of Industrial, Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq and Dr. Ibrahim Rawabdeh, Industrial Engineering Department, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.

Modelization Quasi-Statistic Loading in Multi Layers Elastic Elements
Mayyas Al-Mahasneh, Tafila Applied University College, Tafila, Jordan

POKer", a Process Interaction Simulator and Controller for use in Cooperative Simulation.
Eugene Kerckhoffs and Andriy Levytsky, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

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Session II: Modelling and Simulation for Biomedical Application

Health Care Manpower Planning : A Systemic Modelling Approach for Decision Support
Hayef Al-Mutairi, Derek G. Cramp and Ewart R. Carson, City University, London, UK

Theoretical simulation of barbiturates and local anaesthetics
Fransisco Torrens, Universitat de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Direct and Inverse Problems in Simulation of Human Ventricular Conduction System Electrogram
B. Lvov, Yarmouk University, Jordan and H. Al-Nashash, American University of Sharja, UAE

Modelling and Simulation of the Biological System
J.Savkovic-Stevanovic, The University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

An Automated System for Diagnosis the Myocardial Heart Diseases
A.K.Ahmad, L.A.Al-Ani and Y.A.Jasim, Saddam University, Baghdad, Iraq

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Session III: Simulation of Signal and Image Processing

Pattern Recognition of speech phonemes based on Fractal Dimension
Souhila Fekkai and Marwan Al-Akaidi, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Multi-Region Landscape Image Enhancement Using Fuzzy Set
Hisham Al-Rawi, Balqa Applied University, Jordan, Yas Abbas, Battani General Company, Baghdad, Al- Sultanny and Dr. N. K. Wafi, University of Baghdad, Iraq

The Application of Markov Process and Delphi Method to Goal Programming for Multi-ObjectiveDecision Making
Reza Khorramshahgol, American University, Washington, USA.

Modeling an Interactive FMS Scheduler Using Colored Petri Nets
Ali A. Al-Titinchi, Applied Science University and Kasim M. Al-Aubidy, Philadelphia University, Jordan

A Dynamic Retransmission Algorithm for Reliable Multicast Protocols
Carlos De M. Cordeiro, Djamel H. Sadok and Judith Kelner, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brasil

Blur Identification and Restoration of Nonlinearly Degraded Images using ANN
I.M.Qureshi , T.A.Cheema, Abdul Jalil and Aqdas Naveed, Quaid-I-Aram University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Plausible Inference Approach to Character Recognition
Ahmed M.Zeki, International Islamic University Malaysia and Mohammed Shanudin Zakaria, National University of Malyasia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Session IV: Simulation of Network and Communication Systems

Optimal Cell Site Location Using Coverage Simulation for Cellular Communication Systems
Jamal Suliman Rahhal, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

The Prediction Diversity Algorithm in Tetra System
Marwan Al-Akaidi, Yusheng Zhang and P.Urwin, De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

Simulation Study of Coded PSK Signals for a Digital Modem over a Non-linear Satellite Channel in a TDMA Environment
Dr. Mohammed Talal, HIAST, Damascus, Syria and Dr. Tahseen A. Rafik, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK

Parallel Multipliers Design Methodology and their VHDL Simulation
A.Aggoun, De Monfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

A New Alternative Channel Estimation Algorithm for Third generation W-CDMA Cellular Communication Systems
Khalid A.Qaraqe, Cadence Design Systems Inc and Sooyeon Roe and Yosuef G.El-Jaafreh, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

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Session V: Simulation in Industry

e-Industrial Services Value-Added Services for the Producing Sector Using the Example of Simulation
Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Sihn and Dipl.-Ing. Tom-David Graupner, Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Stuttgart

Getting Started in Simulation of Port Operation: A Kelang Container Terminal (KCT) Case Study
Razman Mat Tahar, University Utara Malaysia, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia

Simulation and Validation of a Hot Strip Rolling Mill
Andres Lage, Francisco Rossomando and Benjamin R.Kochen, INAUT, Argentina


Session VI: Simulation in Fuzzy Systems

Analysis of the Induction Motor Reclosing Process
Saleh Al-Jufout, Tafila Applied University College, Tafila, Jordan

Numerical Evaluation of Electromagnetic Torque in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
M. S. N. Al-Din, Amman College for Engineering Technology, Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan

Speed Control of Induction Motor Using PWM Technique and Series Reactor
Q.M. Jaber, Ph.D, M. S. N. Al-Din, Ph. D, Q. Naman, Ph.D.

Comparative Analysis of Discrete Models Applied to Induction Motor Parameter Identification
Antonio Mendoza, C.A.R.T.I.F., Spain, Mario O. Munoz, Juan C. Correa and Benjamin R. Kuchen, INAUT, Argentina

A Learning-Automaton Based Method for Fuzzy Adaptive Control
Adel Yaich, Mohamed Kamoun and Abdelkader Chaari, School of Engineering of Sfax, Tunisia

Evaluating Water Conservation Programs in Jordan Using Fuzzy Sets
Dr. Odeh Al-Jayyoussi and Dr. Rustom Mamlook Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan


Session VII: Simulation of Neural Network

On the Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems by Neutral Networks
Nabil Derbel, University of Sfax, Tunisia

Simulation of Some Topologies of LANs
C. D'Apice, B. D'Auria and R. Manzo University of Salerno, Salerno, Italy


Session VIII: Software Engineering

Estimating Software Projects using Different Approaches
R. Agarwal, Y.K. Bhatt, S. Mallick, R.M. Bharadwaj, A. Kapoor, D. Anadwar, Hanumesh V.J., India

Specification, Performance Evaluation and Validation in a Simulation Framework
Frédéric Mallet and Fernand Boéri, UPRES du CNRS, Jean-Francois Duboc, Sophia Antipolis , Valbonne, France

Training employees at home
J. in het Panhuis, Human Resources and Organization Department, ING, B.R. Sodoyer and P.H. Wegbrands, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Vision for the Future of Work/Dawning of Management
Khaled Hyasat, Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan

GA-SM : An Interactive Simulation-Optimization Software Tool
Raid Al-Aomar, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

The Use the Cubic Splines in Approximation of the Control Function
Dr . Jalal Abdallah, Al-Balqa Applied University, Tafila Applied University College, Tafila, Jordan

Optimum Design of 1Mbit SRAM Circuit Using Submicron CMOS Technology
Hussain A.Abdul Kadir, Philadelphia University, Amman and Ala Salim Alsaiyh, Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq

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