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The 1998 SCS EuroMedia conference will bring together three individual conferences (WEBTEC, MEDIATEC and COMTEC) culminating in an applications conference (APTEC) on the last conference day. EuroMedia is a scientific event, and focuses on the exchange of new technology, methods, tools, and applications in the wide field of multimedia Information and Communications Technology (ICT). A scientific event means that rather than just showing new tools and ideas, the focus is on scientific presentations, based on refereed papers with adequate underlying theory and if possible empirical testing of results. The fields covered at this conference include Web technology, multimedia, telecommunications, mobile computing, broadband networking, distributed computing, and telematics. The conference is organized by the European Simulation Office of the Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS). SCS has been a professional institution for over 40 years. In Europe, scientific conferences on simulation and related topics have been organized by SCS since 1986. The papers that are requested for the conference, are focused on the following subjects:



In 1996, the first successful Euromedia conference has been held in London, U.K. with 45 scientific presentations in 14 sessions. Presentation time was long, enabling the participants to discuss the papers in an intense way. The proceedings of the conference have been published as a book, and on CD-Rom. Both can be ordered through the SCS Publishing House. The 1998 conference builds on the experience gathered during the organization of the 1996 event.


Dr. Monica Beltrametti
Director of the Grenoble Lab
Rank Xerox Research Centre


The WEBTEC conference focuses on new developments with respect to Internet, Intranet, HTML, and WWW. Because of the large amount of new tools and developments, scientific papers focusing on this subject should always include references to other ideas and products. If your paper describes a new language or tool, include the theoretical basis, application, and (tested) experiences.

The main topics for the WEBTEC conference are:

Detailed information can be viewed at the WEBTEC conference page


The MEDIATEC conference looks at new developments in multimedia technology. Step by step, multimedia computing becomes more common and more popular. CD-ROM technology, videoconferencing, and real-time 3-D animation have become widely available for standard hardware platforms. The type of papers we are looking for try to give a theoretical foundation to developments in multimedia hardware and software, if possible comparing different alternatives so that empirical results can form a basis for new standards and choice among alternatives.

The main topics for the MEDIATEC conference are:

Detailed information can be viewed at the MEDIATEC conference page


The COMTEC conference covers different types of communication technology utilizing both fixed and mobile infrastructures. Of course, this conference must be seen in alliance with the overall theme of the conference: new media that are used on a world-wide basis in relation to information and communication infrastructures.

The main topics for this conference are:

Detailed information can be viewed at the COMTEC conference page


The APTEC conference shows how effectiveness and efficiency of individuals and public and private organizations can be improved using telematics, advanced communications, and multimedia technology. Papers in the APTEC conference should present the relation between the type of activity that is supported by new technology and the characteristics of the technology itself. If possible, empirical test results should be included in the paper.

The main topics for this conference are:

Detailed information can be viewed at the APTEC conference page

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