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The Second Middle East Symposium on Simulation and Modelling

August 28-30, 2000

Philadelphia University Amman, Jordan


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The MESM'2000 is the second conference after the successful start of the first MESM'99 held in Jordan. The MESM'2000 is organized by the European Council of the Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS). One of the major aims of this conference is to bring people from various parts of the Middle East in contact with colleagues working in modeling & simulation from around the world (e.g.. Europe, USA, Canada, Far East etc.). The other aim is to establish a local chapter(s) in the Middle East. This conference is sponsored by De Montfort University (UK) as well as IEEE UKRI - SPC. All people in the M.East are invited to contribute to MESM'2000, and if you have an idea or would like to take part in helping to making this event succesful, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.
Dr M. Al-Akaidi
General Conference & Programme Chair.
De Montfort Univerity,
Leicester, UK.
Email: mma@dmu.ac.uk

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Preliminary Programme

  • Modelling and Simulation Methodology
  • Simulation of Networks and Communication Systems Simulation
  • Simulation of Signal and Image Processing
  • Energy System Simulation
  • Multimedia and Virtual Reality Systems
  • Decision Processing in Management
  • Modelling and Simulation for Biomedical Applications
  • Modelling and Simulation for Industrial Applications
  • Web-based Simulation
  • Software Engineering
  • Simulation in Information Processing
  • Simulation in Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
  • Simulation in the Arab World


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Conference Information

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