Deadlines and Requirements


Five copies of full papers (5 pages) or extended abstracts (3 pages) should be submitted and sent in printed form or via E-mail (in ASCII, rtf, LaTex, Postscript or Word for Windows 95) (Please zip large files and always uuencode or mime-encode your submission) to

SCS European Office, University of Ghent
Coupure Links 653, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium

During review, the submitted full papers or extended abstracts, if excellent, can be accepted by the programme committee, as either an extended (8 pages) or a regular (5 pages) paper. Each submission will be reviewed by at least three members of the International Programme Committee. Participants may also submit a 1 page abstract for a regular (5 pages) or short (3 pages) paper or a poster, which will be reviewed by only 1 member of the International Programme Committee. Submissions, written in English, must clearly indicate the name, affiliation, address, phone number and email address of the primary authors. They must clearly state what is new and point out significant results. In case of multi-authors, one author should be identified as the corresponding author for the paper. Only original papers, which have not been published previously elsewhere will be accepted.

January 5th 1999, Abstract and Paper Submission
December 25th 1998, Notification of Acceptance, for the first batch
January 15th 1999, Preliminary Programme
January 15th 1999, Camera Ready Copies Submission

Authors are expected to register early (at a reduced fee) and to attend the conference at their own expense to present their accepted papers. Without early registration and payment, the paper will not be published in the Conference Proceedings. Each registration covers only 1 paper.








Members and other Participants



January 15, 1999


300 ECU

$ 325

BF 7500

185 ECU

$ 200

BF 12000

300 ECU

$ 325

Registration after

February 20, 1999



BF 10000

250 ECU

$ 270

BF 15000

375 ECU

$ 405

Students pay $100. Are eligible as Student Author Papers. Only full time student authors names are on the paper. Students may not also be academics also doing Masters or PhD, and must have a student ID.

Registration fees should preferably be paid in Belgian Francs or ECUs, but can also be paid in the equivalent amount of US$, GBP, and DM. Payment is also possible by Creditcard (VISA/Mastercard, American Express, Diners). The registration fee includes one printed copy of the Conference Proceedings, free tutorial(s), coffeebreaks, lunches and the conference dinner. Proceedings and conference dinner are not included for students.

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