Conference Venue and Location


The campus is located in the North Western outskirts of Amman. Jubaiha, the surrounding vicinity, is one of the most fashionable suburbs of the capital. It lies within easy reach from all parts of the city. It is about 10 kilometers from the downtown area and 20 from the farthest suburb. It is connected to all parts of the capital (and to many major cities) through an excellent bus system. Alternately, one can take a service car or a taxi. There are many excellent coffee shops, restaurants (fast-food as well as cuisines), barbershops, vegetable shops, supermarkets, bookstores, pharmacies, bakeries, banks, etc. within walking distance.

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The conference location is the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Building at UJ. This building is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for seminars, workshops, and conferences. The building has three auditoria with seating capacities of 268, 126, and 116 people.

The building is indicated by number 39 on the map..

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