Conference Chairs

Enrico Vicario
Department of Information Engineering, University of Florence

Romeo Bandinelli
Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence

Programme chairs
Virginia Fani
Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence

Michele Mastroianni
Department of Computer Science, University of Salerno

Track chairs for:

Finance, Economics and Social Sciences (FES)
Ágnes Vidovics-Dancs

Ágnes Vaskövi

Kata Varadi

Business Process Modelling and Simulation for Industrial Operations (BPMI)

Romeo Bandinelli

Edward J. Williams

Simulation and Modelling (SIMO)
Frank Herrmann

Michael Manitz

Frank Schätter

Christoph Tholen

Marco Trost

Finite – Discrete – Element Simulation (FDEM)
Peter T. Zwierczyk

Kornel Tamas

Open and Collaborative Models and Simulation Methods (OCMS)

Henrique M. Gaspar

Yasuo Ichinose

Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain Modelling and Simulation (RSSC)

Miguel Afonso Sellitto

Virginia Fani

Logistics, Transportation and Manufacturing Applications (LTMA)

Ricardo Cassel

Paulo Afonso

Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing (DTSM)

Benoit Eynard

Giovanni Lugaresi

Special Students’ Track on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization (SSTMSV)

Ibrahim A. Hameed

Saleh Alaliyat

Modeling and Simulation for Performance Evaluation of
Computer-based Systems (MaSPECS

Mauro Iacono

Modelling and Simulation of Data Intensive Systems (DIS)
Agnieszka Jakobik

Daniel Grzonka

Lelio Campanile