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Key pillars

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Explore the dynamic landscape of computational representation, where intricate systems are abstracted into conceptual frameworks for insightful analysis and problem-solving across diverse fields.

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Dive into the realm of virtual experimentation, where complex scenarios unfold in a controlled environment, allowing for the exploration of outcomes, insights, and optimizations across various domains of science and technology.

The ECMS International Conference on Modelling and Simulation, a multidisciplinary venue with autonomous tracks dedicated to computer systems, industry, economy, business, social sciences, optimization, stochastic modelling, performance evaluation, artificial intelligence.

ECMS history

1987 1st ESM Vienna (Austria)
1988 2nd ESM Nice (France)
1989 3rd ESM Rome (Italy)
1990 4th ESM Nuremberg (Germany)
1991 5th ESM Copenhagen (Denmark)
1992 6th ESM York (UK)
1993 7th ESM Lyon (France)
1994 8th ESM Barcelona (Spain)
1995 9th ESM Prague (Czech Rep.)
1996 10th ESM Budapest (Hungary)
1997 11th ESM Istanbul (Turkey)
1998 12th ESM Manchester (UK)
1999 13th ESM Warsaw (Poland)
2000 14th ESM Ghent (Belgium)
2001 15th ESM Prague (Czech Rep.)
2002 16th ESM Darmstadt (Germany)
2003 17th ESM Nottingham (UK)
2004 18th ESM Magdeburg (Germany)
2005 19th ECMS Riga (Latvia)
2006 20th ECMS Bonn (Germany)
2007 21st ECMS Prague (Czech Rep.)
2008 22nd ECMS Nicosia (Cyprus)
2009 23rd ECMS Madrid (Spain)
2010 24th ECMS Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
2011 25th ECMS Krakow (Poland)
2012 26th ECMS Koblenz (Germany)
2013 27th ECMS Ålesund (Norway)
2014 28th ECMS Brescia (Italy)
2015 29th ECMS Albena (Bulgaria)
2016 30th ECMS Regensburg (Germany)
2017 31st ECMS Budapest (Hungary)
2018 32nd ECMS Wilhelmshaven (Germany)
2019 33rd ECMS Caserta (Italy)
2020 34th ECMS Wildau (Germany) – publication-only event
2021 35th ECMS Kuwait – web-organised Conference
2022 36th ECMS Ålesund (Norway)
2023 37th ECMS Florence (Italy)
2024 38th ECMS Krakow (Poland)

30th ECMS Regensburg