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Cracow University of Technology

In 2024 the conference is going to be organized by the Cracow University of Technology, Poland – Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications. The Cracow University of Technology is located in the very centre of Cracow, 5 minutes on foot from Galeria Krakowska (main railway station). The university is located at 24 Warszawska Street (entrances to the campus marked with green pins). The nearest tram and bus stop is “Politechnika”. For more on transport in Cracow, visit: link.

Main entrance of the Cracow University of Technology
Main entrance of the Cracow University of Technology

The main conference building is the “Kotłownia” pavilion – marked on the map with a blue pin. Some of the events will take place in the GIL gallery – marked with a red pin on the map.

"Kotłownia" pavilion
“Kotłownia” pavilion
GIL gallery
GIL gallery

Conference rooms: TBA

More about CUT

The biggest advantages of Cracow University of Technology (CUT) are: almost 80-year-old tradition of educating engineers, modernity and openness to change as well as hard work on the improvement of the Polish scientific and technical thought. Thanks to them CUT won a strong position and well established brand.

Cracow University of Technology comprises 8 faculties with 30 majors of study. Currently nearly 14,000 students taking full-time, part-time and Ph.D. studies as well as post-graduate studies with nearly 1,100 academic teachers overseeing their education. Total number of alumni that graduated from PK exceed 80 000. Our alumni find jobs at public and private companies, national and international enterprises, government administration, and also at universities and research institutes. We are committed to ensure that all the PK graduates represent a high level of expertise as well as the highest ethical standards so that they can choose from many interesting job offers.

Cooperation with many universities and scientific centres all over the world enables joint publications and research, exchange of students and academic teachers, as well as the possibility of obtaining additional certificates and double diplomas. Cooperation with industry is also well-developed, and a Technology Transfer Centre is active in the university. A Special Economic Zone – the Cracow Technological Park – was created in 1997 as a reply for a call from the university. It has since become a platform linking the Cracovian scientific world with modern technologies.

University courtyard