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Information for Visitors

Good to know

Dear ECMS Members,

We are delighted that you have had the opportunity to join ECMS conference in Poland. To ensure your stay is comfortable and filled with positive experiences, we would like to provide you with more detailed practical information:

  1. Electrical Outlets: In Poland, we use type C and E electrical outlets, with a standard voltage of 230V and a frequency of 50Hz. Please make sure to have suitable adapters to enjoy seamless use of your electronic devices.
    socket/outlet type Csocket/outlet type E
  2. Language: Although Polish is our official language, don’t worry if you are not familiar with it. You will find many people in the cities who speak English. For those who want to try, a few basic phrases in Polish will surely win the hearts of the locals.
  3. Currency: Our currency is the Polish Złoty (PLN). Ensure you have enough cash or credit cards to facilitate your shopping and payments. Read more about the currency exchange below.
    Polish notes
  4. Culinary Delights: Polish cuisine is a true delight for the taste buds. Unforgettable flavors of traditional dishes like pierogi and oscypek will undoubtedly leave you with unique culinary memories.
  5. Transportation: Polish cities offer various options for public transportation. Make use of trams and buses to explore the charms of our cities. Renting a bicycle is also a great way to freely discover the surroundings. Read more about the transportation on the Venue/Transportation page.
    MPK tram Cracow
  6. Culture and Customs: Poland has a rich culture and customs worth getting to know. Greet people with a smile when shaking hands, and remember to remove headgear when entering churches. Find out more about local attractions on the Venue/City guide page.
    Cracow culture
  7. Health Care and Other Incidents: In case of any emergencies, the emergency number is 112. Access to medical facilities is available, and the staff is there to assist you. So do other services, such as the police, municipal guards and fire brigade.
    112 emergency number
  8. Shopping Days: It’s important to note that in Poland, most shops are closed on Sundays (“Niedziela”). Plan your shopping in advance to have everything you need.
    sundays - shops are closed

Thank you for choosing ECMS conference and allowing us to be part of your scientific journey. We wish you an unforgettable stay, full of positive experiences and inspiration!

Currency exchange - Serwis Finansowy nr 1
Kursy walut
NBP 2023-01-24
USD 4,3341 +0,23%
EUR 4,7073 -0,24%
CHF 4,7014 -0,22%
GBP 5,3443 -0,38%
Wspierane przez

The current exchange rates in relation to the PLN (Polish zloty) are displayed above. It is possible to pay by card in most places (we recommend using multi-currency cards such as Revolut; a credit card – not a debit card – may be required if you wish to rent a car).
In Cracow, you can find many exchange offices with different, more or less cost-effective exchange rates. Quite good rates are offered by “KANTOR EXCHANGE”:
The nearest point is in the Krakow Gallery (“Galeria Krakowska”, main railway station) on the first floor.