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Special Students’ Track on Modelling, Simulation and Visualization

The aim of the Special Students’ track is to give the opportunity to the students at the graduate levels from different disciplines who are working in AI-driven Modelling, Simulation and Visualization to participate in the “International ECMS Conference on Modelling and Simulation”. This track offers a platform where students can get to know  researchers and scientists who are working in their field. Students from all related fields of modelling, simulation, and visualization are invited to submit high-quality papers. The main requirement to be considered in the Students’ Track is that the first author must be a student at the time of submission. 

Possible Topics (but are not limited to) 

Invited contributions form students in all disciplines including but not limited to Modelling, Simulation, Visualizarion, AI, Machine Learning, Optimization Methods, Digital Twin, Complex systems, High-Performance Computing etc.  

Best Student Paper Award 

The best student paper will be selected based on the quality of the paper and the presentation.